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I have Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Disc disease, so it's music to my ears when Dr. Malhotra says, "we have options!" The last lower back procedure he gave me was 2 1/2 years ago. It was a miracle, that lasted so long, which is why I thought I needed the same procedure. Dr. Malhotra listened to me describe my current pain and felt I needed a different type of procedure. I trust him and said "ok." I had that injection last week. It worked, and I'm walking without pain again! This doctor is truly exceptional!

Dr. Malhotra is a wonderful doctor. He listens to you and takes time to answer all your questions. He helped me with my severe back and leg pain. I feel like a new person.

Dr. Malhotra is amazing. Since I have been back in the Chicagoland area, I see Dr. Malhorta for my chronic pain needs. He asks the right questions to get to the core of the problem, rather then just write prescriptions. Dr. Malhorta has educated me in regards to my chronic pain and suggests different treatments methods. If you need to be referred to a surgeon, he does his research and suggests the best physicians for you to consult. Every doctor before him has told me, I was going to be on pain pills for the rest of my life, so i should get used to it. I still have my bad days when those occur I call the office and am attended to right away either from the staff or Dr. Malhorta himself . Dr. Malhorta is personable, friendly and patient orientated. I highly recommend him for anyone that chronic pain.

“I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what was wrong with my back. I was able to get in the office right away. Dr. Malhotra was very professional and kind. the other staff was very nice. My back feels so much better and I am back to diving again. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Malhotra and cannot thank him enough for making me feel better.”

"Dr. Malhotra listens to my concerns and helps me understand my conditions. He has helped me through 2 surgeries and I will give his name to anyone looking for pain management. He does injections better than my prior doctor!"

"Dr. Malhotra was very professional, informative and compassionate."

“He was very knowledgeable & through. Explained what he could do for me how he would do it. We liked him a lot”

“Dr. Malhotra has been my pain physician for the last few months. Prior to that I had seen other pain guys but it wasn’t until I found Dr. Malhotra that my life changed. I have never met a physician who took the time to get to understand me and my medical situation. He paid attention to detail. He listened to me. He empathized with me. He then came up with a treatment plan tailored to my needs. I have yet to meet a physician so dedicated to his patients. The quality of care that I have received with him is unbelievable. He was prompt in seeing me, his bedside manner was very appealing, and he spent a sufficient amount of time with me. I am a dedicated and loyal fan of Dr. Malhotra and will follow him anywhere!”